The Print Book is Here!!

I’ve been writing as a hobby for 16 years now, and I was starting to think that I would never see the day where I saw a finished, printed book in my hands with my name on the cover. But here it is.

Actually, what you’re seeing in the header image is a proof of what will be the final finished article and there are a couple of tweaks to be made to it… but I don’t want to get bogged down in that. The point of the matter is that I’m holding a physical copy of my book that can sit on my bookshelf, and that is an awesome feeling.

I’ve published the book using Createspace. For the most part, their system is really good. I love the print on demand model that has made this a reality. Not only does it mean that I don’t have to shell out stupid amounts for a full print run, but it also gives me the freedom to make some changes if and when that’s necessary. It’s basically given me a lot of opportunity with just as much freedom.

Obviously, as a graphic designer who sometimes dabbles in cover design, I was in my element formatting the book, getting the cover just right, etc. This is also the reason why the book is actually getting some tweaks after working my way through this proof. All the changes are minor though and I had a lot of fun putting this together. Here’s to hoping it’s the first of many books that I will be putting together in the near future.

Okay, so down to the interesting part, when can you get a copy? The good news is that the changes I spoke about are already made and have been submitted for approval. I should hear back tomorrow telling me that everything is good to go at which point I’ll start the process of getting it added to Amazon. Not sure how long that takes, so bear with me. There will be a link to where you can purchase this book on the dedicated Proxy page on this site (click here for that).

The one downside to print on demand publishing is that it costs a little more. I’d love to offer this book for about £7-8, but unfortunately, that isn’t going to be possible without me selling these at absolutely no profit. Therefore the paperback is going to cost £10.95, which will net me about the same amount as I’d make on the ebook.

Speaking of ebooks, I’ve also made it so that if you buy the physical copy from Amazon, then you get the ebook for free as a bonus. So, you can have your cake and eat it too… don’t say I never gave you anything.