Review of 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson

I like the concept of this book, but I think it failed to live up to its own promise.

There’s no denying that Jordan Peterson has an incredible mind. This book is filled with an overload of proof of his mental ability, and there’s plenty that is really useful. It could be said that there might even be too much information. In fact, that is where my problem lies with this book.

Here, Jordan Peterson promises 12 Rules for Life, and delivers on that promise with his chapter titles. Unfortunately, the content of those chapters is only tangentially connected with those titles. He starts off on topic, but then slips into a new anecdote/message/analogy to explain his point, then doing the same again to explain that point. This quickly leads him off topic.

In his YouTube videos, I find that Mr Peterson is prone to segueing off into new topics of conversation in a similar fashion. It is hard to pin him down to a single train of thought and as such his work feels like it lacks focus at times. The same problem was true in this book.

The truth is that this book which is about bringing order to chaos is written in what felt like a very chaotic way. It made the book hard to follow. Though I was always interested in the message and could recognise that there was a lot of useful information here, I struggled with this book.

Therefore it’s 6 stars for this outing. I’ll stick to his YouTube videos for now.

There is one final thing to take note of here though. Even though this book did not gel with me, I can recognise that there is a lot of interest in this book and it could be worth a read if you don’t mind a little bit of chaos in your writings. I recommend searching for Mr Peterson on Youtube, watching a few of his videos and seeing if he’s someone you wouldn’t mind hearing more from. If you decide that you are intersted, then click on the image below for the link to Mr Peterson’s book on Amazon.