Book 2 of The Dreams of Reality

After the events of Proxy, the whole world has changed and people are looking to Tad for answers. Unfortunately, Tad is busy picking up the broken pieces of his life.

Between mourning lost friends, struggling with his guilt over their deaths, helping Tony to adapt to a new existence, looking after his daughter, and somehow keeping a new relationship alive; Tad isn’t ready for another supernatural threat that only he can deal with.

However, the world isn’t prepared to wait. They know who he is now… know what he is… and they’re not shy in seeking him out, especially when the stakes are so high.

The nightmares are coming, and the people of the world are looking to the Dreamwalker to save them.


Book 1 of The Dreams of Reality

Tad Holcroft doesn’t just talk to ghosts, he lets them live in his head. They pay rent in the form of memories, knowledge and talents.

Tad can do this because he’s a Proxy… which isn’t good news at the moment.

Proxies are disappearing mysteriously all over Britain. As one of the last Proxies remaining, Tad needs to truly test his powers for the first time to figure it out before he or his daughter disappears next.

He also has to deal with a world that’s growing aware of the Supernatural and solve the murder of an old friend, all while juggling the mood swings of a twelve-year-old daughter, the antics of a teenage ghost, and history lessons from Charles Dickens, a ghost two hundred years dead with a chip on his shoulder because that other, more famous Charles Dickens hogged all the glory.

It’s a bit much for a history teacher from Cardiff, but the consequences of failure are bigger than he can imagine.